2020 Team Contract:


Submit all event results
Upload/tag photos and videos with Roost Racing Photography
Must compete in 15 Races per year
Display Roost Racing Photography on your machine, helmet, and support vehicle


This location will further depend on what riders are accepted to the team and will be coordinated with the team's schedule 

  1.  Upload photos and videos that show you representing our brand and tag us.  #roostracingphotos

  2. Be active. Post updates, sessions, local spots and keep your events and results current.



This program is designed to support riders of all ages and skill levels by creating mutually beneficial relationships.  We hope to increase your level of support after seeing what you can do for us.


Terms and Conditions:

This agreement is between the following parties:

Randi Buri, founder of Roost Racing Photography


(Applicant's Name)

 This agreement shall commence on the date of acceptance by Roost Racing Photography and terminate December 13th 2020.


Roost Racing Photography obligation is as follows:

  1.  Roost Racing Photography agrees to provide the rider with a specified discount on all Roost Racing Photography products, along with additional benefits.

  2.  Rider will use, promote and endorse Roost Racing Photography.

  3.  Rider will promote Roost Racing Photography to the best of their ability and will conduct him/herself as a professional at all times.  Rider will do nothing to damage the name and/or reputation of Roost Racing Photography and/or its products, nor will rider engage in activities which will embarrass or disgrace Roost Racing Photography.

  4.  Rider will display Roost Racing Photography in highly visible locations on rider's helmet, machine and race support vehicle.

  5.  Rider must list Roost Racing Photography as a sponsor at all racing events.

  6.  Rider grants Roost Racing Photography full rights to use rider’s name, photograph, or likeness to promote and/or advertise Roost Racing Photography products.

  7.  Rider is to post on social media monthly using hashtag #roostracingphotos and follow Roost Racing Photography on Facebook and Instagram.

  8. Roost Racing Photography can terminate this agreement at any time without cause for failure of rider to honor the aforementioned terms of this agreement.

  9. This discount is ONLY for you.  Please do not share your discount information.  If we find that someone other than you is using your discount, your sponsorship will be terminated.